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August 13, 2018

Thanks to a new crowd sourcing website you can now find out how long you can expect to wait to receive your passport following an application. User data is gathered via Twitter and also their website which is then used to work out a current average for passport renewals, first passport and child passport.

The service is available for US and also UK passports. As well as the crowd sourced passport waiting time the website shares passport information, travel tips, latest news and offers from travel partners. Waiting for your passport, especially if you have left it till the last minute, is very stressful. Whilst the figure is not guaranteed it does give you some idea of how long you should expect to wait. The figure is for standard applications rather than expedited which is available for people who require a passport urgently.

Current times when going to press for a UK application are as follows:

UK Adult Passport Renewal: 11 days

UK Adult First Passport: 14 days

UK Child Passport: 11 days

Processing times for US passports are currently being updated.


June 16, 2013
June 16, 2013

We pleased to announce we have a new updated website with even more deals for car hire around the world. We will be adding more car hire news and general driving information on these pages.